There’s no place like home 👠👠

Merry Christmas everyone,

We’ve been back in Blighty for just over a week now and on a mad rush around the UK visiting friends and family. Not to mention getting some fixes of our much missed UK goodies (mince pies, chocolate, coffee, pizza & poached eggs for starters!).

The lovely Katy & Paul have endured us in their house so far, we’re making the most of having an amazing kitchen to work in and I’ve had my longed for bath!

With trips to Yorkshire, Loughborough and Coventry we’re ready to wind down for Christmas and get ready to fly to Ireland for a big shindig.

A little picture below of the fantastic meal at the Hammer & Pincers last night, with the Alexander-Hardy clan.

We wish you all a Merry Christmas & and amazing 2019 xx

3 Replies to “There’s no place like home 👠👠”

  1. Oi, what about your trip to Leicester for some shelf hugging. I’m surprised it wasn’t first on your list after that never to be repeated kebab. That’s said, it repeated on me for about 3 days!

    Have a fab Christmas, hopefully see you again before you head back. And roll on Valentines Day when I come aboard with a rose between my teeth!

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    1. Ha ha, I’d declined to mention the poor quality of kebab to save embarrassment all round and as for my furniture predilections … well the less said the better! Looking forward to seeing you again in Feb x


  2. Sounds delightful – always lovely to be home for a bit to be with family/friends and enjoy our “normal” traditions and then onto the next adventure – enjoy every moment
    Merry Christmas and wishing you smooth saiiling in 2019



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