Our story

We are two muppets from Leicestershire who spent a weekend on a chartered yacht in 2017. Trev fell in love, learned how to sail, with the idea that he might buy a small boat & one day cross the channel. Move it forward a year, after a few gin fuelled discussions, we had finished working, packed up our home & rented it out.

We are currently living aboard& rennovating our Amel Maramu, in Penarth. Dreaming of seeing the sunshine once more & making sure we’re all in good shape for our Bigger Boaty Adventure


Captain Mac, Handy Man, Trimmer of Sails

A ex-parrot firefighter who fell in love with sailing & hatched the plan to run away to sea.


First Mate, Galley Slave, IT Support

A short blonde who thinks about food constantly. I’m allergic to pretty much anything you can use on your skin.

Emotional Support Animal

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