Captains Blog 47 – Full 10 on the Smug-O-Meter

Following the last Blog post, I’ve done some reading and feel a bit more confident that I can fairly convincingly give the impression, to anyone that doesn’t know me, that I know more than I actually do about sailing!  We’d been invited onto our neighbour’s boat while in Muros. Our neighbours were PJ and Roxanne, the folk I’d mistakenlythought had chartered the lovely …

Brexit Schmexit

Biscay had not been without incident, but we’d made it across and enjoyed our first good night’s kip in A Coruna. The huge firework display had looked spectacular as we’d arrived, it was just a shame that nobody could see me expressing my gratitude. We mentioned it when booking in the next day. The mariniero insisted it had been in honour of St …

Sailing Éalú

There is nothing – absolutely nothing – half so much worth doing as simply messing about in boats.

Skipper Jenn

POOP DECK: Because we give a SHIT

S/Y Maggie

Living the dream onboard our Beneteau 473 with our sailor dog