Captains Blog 15

Three bread, two tomatoes and some old cheese And so, time had caught up with the crew of Gianti after 6 months messing about in Lagos. We’d soon be heading towards Gibraltar and beyond to start the next stage of our journey. No more would Captain Mac loose himself at the local gym with such …

Fit to sail

We try and exercise regularly with anything from resistance bands workouts, yoga, going for a run, cycling and generally walking everywhere. One of the benefits of having a static base is that we've both been able to have a regular exercise routine. Trev's been hitting the local gym pretty hard & I've been mainly working …

Sailing Éalú

There is nothing – absolutely nothing – half so much worth doing as simply messing about in boats.

Skipper Jenn

POOP DECK: Because we give a SHIT

S/Y Maggie

Living the dream onboard our Beneteau 473 with our sailor dog