Captains Blog 47 – Full 10 on the Smug-O-Meter

Following the last Blog post, I’ve done some reading and feel a bit more confident that I can fairly convincingly give the impression, to anyone that doesn’t know me, that I know more than I actually do about sailing!  We’d been invited onto our neighbour’s boat while in Muros. Our neighbours were PJ and Roxanne, the folk I’d mistakenlythought had chartered the lovely …

Brexit Schmexit

Biscay had not been without incident, but we’d made it across and enjoyed our first good night’s kip in A Coruna. The huge firework display had looked spectacular as we’d arrived, it was just a shame that nobody could see me expressing my gratitude. We mentioned it when booking in the next day. The mariniero insisted it had been in honour of St …

Big Day for Biscay

Baiona was a great anchorage not too far from civilisation and a set of LED navigation lights, though my old head torch enveloped in broken green glass still worked perfectly. New lights purchased and we headed off across the bay to anchor just off a beach. A nudist beach! Surely not in these temperatures? Full …

Name That Boat

Having acquired our lovely new (old) Amel Maramu it was time to consider whether a name change was necessary. It’s considered unlucky to rename a boat, but she’s currently named Sea love! We set about throwing names into a used yogurt pot, thoroughly cleaned and dried of course and decided that we’d bung in suggestions …

Sailing Éalú

There is nothing – absolutely nothing – half so much worth doing as simply messing about in boats.

Skipper Jenn

POOP DECK: Because we give a SHIT

S/Y Maggie

Living the dream onboard our Beneteau 473 with our sailor dog