Season by season

Happy New Year everyone!🥳🥂🍾🧉🍷🍹🍸🥃

We’ve been having a bit of reflection about the last few years sailing. You can forget places that you’ve been to & certain experiences, which is partly why we write this so we have some sort of diary. I’ve made up 2 maps which show our travels since leaving the U.K.

Our travels in the first year! We learnt so much, how to put up sails & bite tongues for a start!

We met so many people who helped us, as sounding boards, fixing things, advice, Latin translation, wine drinking & all things in between.

Year 2

This year we wanted to sail more than motor, explore, anchor, swim off the back of the boat, snorkel and learn to relax. We’ve managed most of these, with over 100 nights at anchor or on passage.

We’ve met even more great people this year, carefully holding onto those we met last year. We get updates from people in the U.K. across the Atlantic in all sorts of exotic places. We’re inspired by so many of the people we meet, to be better sailors, try new experiences (fishing, foods), be creative, be practical (tricky for me).

Next year the loose plan is the Greek Islands and who knows from there!

Have a fantastic celebration (or hangover cure if you’re reading this afterwards). May this next decade bring you happiness,

Gianti Crew

6 Replies to “Season by season”

  1. We loved loved loved this post with your maps – it brings everything together – wishing you both another fun year in 2020 with only Life’s best coming your way – we’ll look fwd to your blogs on the next leg of your adventure

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  2. You have travelled a hell of a lot since I last saw you both at number 10 on the first map. I need to visit you in warmer climates hopefully we can catch up later this year. Happy sailing xx


    1. We’re slowing it down and spending this season in the Greek Islands so you’ll know where to find us. Cant wait to get started and set off again mate. 👍

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      1. That’ll be our first stop after leaving here!! I don’t think we can delay till August though😯, but you never know plans change all the time. We’ll try and work out a likely route over the next few weeks so we can see if anything might match. Keep in touch mate 😁

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