Happy New Year .. welcome to 2018

So it’s been a month since we last posted and here’s what’s happened.

Through skin fittings have been removed and replaced (almost), fenders removed and cleaned, new fenders sourced, we’ve had a weekend cleaning the boat and taking an inventory of everything on it.

Everything is Jeanneau branded, crockery, cutlery, cleaning kits & sails! There is so much original kit it’s tough to be ruthless and throw things away.

The through skin fittings have all been replaced, the keel has been stripped back and resealed, the anti foul needs to be reapplied and then we can get her back in the water and actually try her out. The big jobs/ things left to buy are:

Standing rigging, headsail, storm job, cruising chute/ spinnaker, life raft, tender, outboard, teach, erpib thingy, folding anchor, Bimini, solar & wind turbine …. so out trip to the London boat show next week has the potential to be a pricy one 🤑🤑🤑

I’ve sorted things out at work and will be leaving at the end of March, which works out really well as the mooring fees increase then at Swannick, so we can start either moving her to a different location to finish any jobs we want, or the whole journey!

Current plans see us working our way around the sou5 coast, up through to the western isles of Scotland and hitting Ireland at some point to see my folks. Then doing a channel crossing and making our way towards the Canaries for around November/December. We’re thinking of heading to La Gomera and taking a berth at San Sebastián for the winter. We did a bit of research and looked at heading into the Balearics for winter, but the sea state and winds that arise don’t seem to make it much fun. With La Gomera being that bit more south the temps are 19-22 for most of Jan, there’s also a lot of hiking, biking and things to do on the island, which will be brilliant.

We’ve had a letting agent come to view the house today and they think it will go in a matter of weeks, so with 12 weeks and counting it’s all starting to get a bit real now. Weirdly, I think we’re we’re both more excited and keen to get moving, rather than anxious now. We’ve spent such a long time thinking, planning and discussing it we’re both keen for the action to start to happen. I know this time will fly by, so this blog is really key to capturing where we are each week and month.

The cleaning videos are on our You Tube page, which you can find at ….CleAning the dirty girl

A snowy Christmas

Hopefully, next post will have a bit more exciting news and progress attached to it.

Love you, bye 👋

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