Captains Blog 3

All hail Gianti (thank you Laura). First let’s have a sing song:

I like blogging

I like blogging

I like blogging, yes I like to blog,

I like like blogging

I like blogging

If you don’t like blogging don’t blog…

Its been a while I confess, but its all been happening. First and foremost, six times up and down that bloody mast. The pain was excruciating and I was relieved that I have already fathered my two beautiful children. That said, Dave on the boat next door was well into his fifties with twin four year old girls and a six year old son! Well done sir.

Climbing the halyard on prussiks might be slow but it doesn’t compare with being hoisted up by someone else to get you high enough to strip out a defective anchor light, drill, wire and replace with a new one. The whole episode scarred me and it could have been worse if Ian and his mate hadn’t hoisted me up in double quick time for the final push. I thank you both. (we opted to leave in time for the 8:00 bridge lift so apologies for not saying goodbye).

We had a cracking couple of days with Will from White Dot Sailing, top bloke and really knows his stuff. He spent two days on board with us sailing and we had the opportunity to build our own confidence and skills as well as putting Gianti to the test. Many thanks Will.

I’d also like to mention Jane and Adrian who have already had one big boaty adventure, sailing down to the Canaries across the pond and back over the course of a year. They had a wealth of knowledge and were great fun to spend time with. They treated us to a great meal and some top advice on board  Bluebird a few days before we departed and I hope we’ll see them again at some stage soon.

Today was the big push to get around Portland Bill and across Lyme Bay to Brixham. Unfortunately or fortunately! there was hardly any wind and the channel was like a pond so we ended up motoring all the way from Weymouth to a beautiful cove just outside Brixham Harbour. First mate  did a blinding job of getting everything ready for departure and anchoring/ mooring at the other end. Another star for Sarah I feel.

Anyway, I have a glass of gin to drink and while I might like blogging I suspect you might not be so keen on reading it.

Till next time, captain mac out!!

5 Replies to “Captains Blog 3”

  1. Well done Captain Blog, we will be heading straight to salcombe Thursday and back to Torquay on Friday as Steve has told us we can’t get a birth at Dartmouth because of the Music Festival?

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  2. Looks like you guys are having the adventure of a lifetime….I’m in Paignton on business on Wed 9th. Where are you hooked up?

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  3. Great to see you both today.

    Thanks Trev for rowing to the shore and back for me…..twice 👍

    I’m envious of the adventure that awaits you both and will definitely catch up with you again somewhere around the globe.

    All the best guys x


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