Weymouth and beyond … the solar shower makes a return

Evening all,

It’s been a while … We managed to leave the safety and comfort of Weymouth and start the adventure properly off shore power and everything!!

We had zero wind so motored from Weymouth, across Lyme Bay and took a mooring buoy in Fishcombe Cove, just outside of Brixham. 2 nights there (absolutely free) with a great little cafe for breakfast. We just missed the pirate weekend … but did see the huge Galleon leave from the boat.

After a surprise message from our friend Tim saying that he was in Paignton on business, we had a visit from him. Great to see him and catch up with everything happening in the Duffy family world – get well soon Gemma 🤕🤕

We sailed around to Noss Dart marina in Dartmouth – they are undergoing renovations but are so, so welcoming, they even have 2 baths … I spent quite some time in there with a book and some bath oil pretending I was at home!😜. Charging up the batteries, toothbrushes, phones, and all other manner of goods … we sailed around to Salcombe for a catch up with our brilliant friend Paul & his crew mates – John Tim & Steve, who treated us to dinner and a hangover! Rafting up against other people’s yachts is nerve wracking business to say the least 🙀🙀.

On the return trip to Dartmouth we had some visitors to the boat and managed to get a couples of pictures of them (see the link below if it tickles your fancy). We’re currently at Dittisham, which is a peaceful, chill area , where we can take the tender over to the mainland and walk the very hilly route to Dartmouth for provisions. Devon .. hillier then you think & anyone who has experienced a walk with Trev knows that if there is a road less travelled he’ll take it 🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️

When you’re full time on a boat, it makes you rethink how you use everything .. electricity, water, shower pumps, recycling … everything. In fact everything you put in the boat has to be taken off it in one form or another and some of it ends up in the rivers and oceans that we’re travelling on .. so we’re trying to be super respectful of what we empty into the waterways (cleaning products & other stuff) it’s not as easy as you might think to use less packaging etc. Lecture over .. I’ll try not to become a total hippy 👼🏼🤦‍♂️

The plan for the next week or so is to kayak, move to Salcombe to explore it further, then round to Plymouth way, via some rivers & anchorage spots. We want to get some more jobs done (solar panels on & the fix the leaky heads). Looking forward to meeting Chris & Giles in a few weeks and spending some time with them.


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  1. It was great to catch up with you at Salcombe the other week👍😜Gianti looks well balanced in the water and you handled her well, Enjoy ⛵️

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