Yarghh Shipmates

From the moment of their arrival, the two new crew were confined to the lower decks due mainly to the pouring rain and to a lesser extent I needed to assess their suitability to undertake the gruelling passage that lay ahead (Falmouth Marina to St Mawes, just around the corner!). Needless to say, the following morning the rain had stopped but we were beset by thick a bit of fog. We ventured into the mighty Atlantic Ocean crew primed and ready to go. Sound the fog horn I cried to able sea woman Christianne and she blew with all her might. The 1 second wet fart sound was insufficient to adequately alert surrounding vessels to our presence. In frustration I turned to able seaman Giles. Quickly I cried, sound the fog horn!! Pathetic, it was as poor, if not worse than the wet fart. Decision was made, the new crew would be leaving that very day. But not until we’d enjoyed some great food and some very welcome company. Happy 50th Giles and good luck to you both with China Grey.

Maggoty Bank. No, its not cockney rhyming slang or indeed a holding facility for blue bottle fly eggs. It’s a fine anchorage sitting just below Malpas and it’ fab. We had a fantastic week there just enjoying a lazyish existence on the river away from the normal hubbub of a busy port or marina. Oh yes, there was one incident during our stay that I perhaps need to mention, especially in light of the fact that I’m recording all my cock ups! (believe me there will be more to follow in the next blog!). We’d gone to bed after a very pleasant evening having moved the boat a little in the full knowledge that a real ship would be collecting scrap metal from Truro, so passing right by us, the following afternoon. At 00:15 I was woken by a crashing sound. I ignored it and started to dose off when another crash forced me from my bunk. I stood up and realised that I was at a 15% angle to the rest of the boat. First mate was none too happy as she followed me towards the stern of this lob sided boat. The keel was happily resting on the muddy bottom of the river and we had another 20/30 minutes before low tide. After a thoroughly enjoyable 2-hour game of I spy she was upright and we agreed never to speak of this incident again and went to bed.

Worth mentioning that we had AIS (automatic identification system) fitted to Gianti in Falmouth so if you ever want to see where we are you can have a look on marinetraffic.com and you should be able to locate us.

Finally, a big thankyou to our friends Adrian and Jane who we met a couple of months ago in Weymouth. Purely by chance we caught up with them in the river Fal and after a thoroughly enjoyable night, Adrian helped me put our brand new crispy main sail into place. We’ve used the new one a few times now and it is starting to become more pliable. (it’ll mean something to Adrian if nobody else).

I apologise for my tardy time keeping with blogs. I know I’m behind and I will try and follow this one fairly promptly, so if anyone is a bit put out that they’ve not been mentioned yet, don’t worry the next blog should follow fairly quickly but here’s something to be going on with Yarghh Shipmates

Oh, one last thing, Paul Atkins you’re a star. Charity bike ride from London to Paris in aid of an ex colleague in three days. If only I was that fit. Well done mate.

Ta ta for now.

Captain Mac

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  1. Sounds like you are having fun ! We have
    Raised Over £12000 All good and thanks again for your sponsor 😂👍


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