Captains Blog 4

Ho Ho Ho, we’re at Plymouth, city famous for manufacturing of hoes. More about that later! Disasters at sea, or narrowly avoided ones anyway, let’s start there. Near disaster 1: moored in lovely bay when knot came undone from buoy and boat heads rapidly towards rocky coast. Near disaster 2: rafted against boat with two …

Getting crafty

In a brave attempt to alter some bedding and save some pennies I've booked a sewing lesson and hired a sewing machine for a few hours tomorrow 😉😂 Joyce ... expect a 'help me' call shortly!! *UPDATE Brilliant fun today at the workshop. Bobbins (kind of know what they are now), 2 types of stitches, …

Weymouth and beyond … the solar shower makes a return

Evening all, It's been a while ... We managed to leave the safety and comfort of Weymouth and start the adventure properly off shore power and everything!! We had zero wind so motored from Weymouth, across Lyme Bay and took a mooring buoy in Fishcombe Cove, just outside of Brixham. 2 nights there (absolutely free) …

Captains Blog 3

All hail Gianti (thank you Laura). First let’s have a sing song: I like blogging I like blogging I like blogging, yes I like to blog, I like like blogging I like blogging If you don’t like blogging don’t blog… Its been a while I confess, but its all been happening. First and foremost, six …

Sailing Éalú

There is nothing – absolutely nothing – half so much worth doing as simply messing about in boats.

Skipper Jenn

POOP DECK: Because we give a SHIT

S/Y Maggie

Living the dream onboard our Beneteau 473 with our sailor dog