Facts and stats

Hi there,

We were working out some stats if anyone’s interested …

We’ve sailed over 1000 nautical miles since we left Weymouth

There are 1500 miles to travel to get to the southern part of Portugal

We’ve day sailed for all of our journeys, around 4-7 hours each trip. With the odd trip being a lot longer (UK to Guernsey was 15 hrs)!!

We average out at 5 knots an hour so with 1500 miles to day sail it would take us around 42 days of travel (8 weeks ish) to get to Lagos in Portugal.

That’s tiring for us, so we may do some longer trips and stay in places for a few days to actually see the places we’re travelling around.

We’re being quite flexible on the plan as it depends on weather, the boat and how we are as crew. We’re in La Trinitie sur Mer right now and will need to be here until Tuesday as there are 2.4m swells and 35-40 mile and hour winds forecasted!!

That means we might end up overwintering in Portugal, Lagos or even Lisbon depending on how far we get, the weather and how we feel!

There are pictures on my Instagram page (you can see it from the home page) which show some of the places we’ve been – Trebeurden, Quimper etc.

What works best for everyone .. Instagram or the compilation videos? Please let me know in the comments below.

We’ve met some brilliant people aling thw way …the Swedish Alila crew, Seasalter ‘s crew, Gill & Andrew from Allegress and some Deb & Pat, who helped us out in Camaret (more of this in the next Captains blog).

Everyone in this odd cruising world is incredibly nice, friendly and really helpful .. which is just as well as there are times when we need quite a bit of help.

I’ll try to be a bit more proactive it the blogs and pics etc. Thank you to everyone who let’s us know you’re reading them and tracking us, it’s nice to know this isn’t just a therapy diary for us both 😁😁

7 Replies to “Facts and stats”

  1. Hi Sarah, keep them coming. The complications are good for me as I’m not an Instagram user, but even then I can see them. It’s better now that I get an email notification, that works well.

    And as for overwintering in Portugal, yes, I could handle a long weekend in any of those places 🙂

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  2. Love you 😘 keep it real , keep your souls in tact 😂😘I get hold of some cheap AA battery’s 😜


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