I can hear it ….

We’ve had a great few days in A Caruna, completing jobs left, right and centre!

We met great people, another Swedish couple (Karen & Erling) who are doing the same type of journey as us and will winter in Lagos.

A lovely Dutch couple Michel & Arianne who have sold everything and are having a huge adventure around the globe – starting with fun emergency dental treatment 🙈🙈

We had a retro Sunday and went for a walk in a country park .. found a Spanish Old John & saw lots of sculptures scattered around the park, including the oldest working lighthouse in the world.

We spotted another Sun Odyssey 37 from the Hamble & docked a little further away for fear of Gianti getting jealous. Falcon ‘s owner (Robert) took us to a great restaurant and (with the help of 5 bottles of wine) we had a great evening! Thanks for the most horrendous hangover I’ve ever had. Sailing the next day was not the most fun experience & I started to feel vaguely human again around 5 PM 😷😷😷

We’re in Port Corme and are making our way down to the Rias to explore them before heading out to Baionne & Porto and our way to Portugal. It’s a foggy, foggy morning … you can see the video on Instagram (on the side of the home page).

Looking forward to coming home and having roast potatoes and then a bit of structure for a few months in Lagos.

Huge love to everyone Sarah & Trevor x

3 Replies to “I can hear it ….”

  1. I am having a lesson on how to send a comment. Only 11weeks and a bit to go. Can’t wait. Love you both xx


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