As Kylie says … WOW!!

This day 6 months ago we left our home in the care of Sid & our lovely tenants to drive down to Southampton.

Since then we’ve:

– sailed over 2000 miles across 4 countries

– had just the 1 RNLI call out

– spent hours and hours working on the boat … from engines, throttle cables, through skin fittings and polishing the old gal till she gleams.

We are now 5 stops till we get to our final winter berth in Lagos (the Portugal one) and I’m feeling a bit emotional about what we have achieved.

We first sailed together 1 year ago and put the sails up on Gianti mid-April. I’m so, so proud of what Trev has put into this boat & trip (blood, definitely sweat, broken bones and tears).

We’ve had loads of advice and help along the way, but the day to day sailing has been Trev & I. It’s changed our relationship for the better, bought is closer & made us communicate better and so much more tolerant of each other. For anyone who has ever climbed with us this is nothing short of a miracle 😂😂😂

This boatlife is a huge privilege, but not everyone would choose (it’s essentially glamorous camping)!

I’m a little overwhelmed at what had happened over the last 6 mths. We’ve met so many brilliant people and made some lifelong friends on our journey.

Sorry for the emo post .. feeling grateful for lots of things at the moment. Normal idiocy will resume shortly!

S xxx

4 Replies to “As Kylie says … WOW!!”

  1. I am enjoying your adventure probably only just a little less than you, great narrative, wonderful insights into places I haven’t been, enjoy enjoy enjoy 👍😘

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  2. Fair play Sarah, there will only be a few things important in our lives enough that we’ll think of them in our final moments. You’re living one right now, so buckle up and make the most of it 😘

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