Fish who stare at bikes

The unfortunate incident came to light when I returned to the boat after being out for a couple of hours.

Both bikes were padlocked together through a cleat on the pontoon. I unchained mine, put the padlock in my rucksack and was off. When I returned I noticed that the first mate’s bike was gone and assumed she’d gone out. When I found her inside the boat, my first thought was that a heinous crime had been committed and the bike had been stolen.

We check to see if our neighbours had seen the perpetrator or whether they might be able to shed some light on the disappearance. Our neighbour, Linda suggested that it may have been blown into the water. Seemed very unlikely and the Coventry kid in me couldn’t let go of the fact that a major crime had been committed.

The decision was made to rig the Go Pro to a pole and have a look in the water. It was a pea Souper down there and we couldn’t se anything. Despite this we dropped the small grapnel anchor into the water and dragged it this was and that in the vain hope that we might strike gold bike.

Suddenly a bite, so I gently pulled in my catch. It felt quite solid, but when it came into view it was clearly an old piece of rusty discarded boat tat. Never mind, it provided the impetus to continue and 10 minutes later I had the bite that would bring joy and happiness to all around. Yes, the bike that had been purchased only weeks before had been recovered from the murky depths.

Three cheers for Captain Mac, or more accurately don’t be such an arse next time and make sure the bike is more secure when you leave it.

I really should have taken note of the wind earlier in the day when I’d taken off my flipflops while helping Erling on his boat to find that I only had one when I came to put them back on. Dhoo! check out the best fishing video you’re likely to see today/ this hour.

Captain Mac

7 Replies to “Fish who stare at bikes”

  1. What a clamity. Be less shellfish next time and look after Sarah’s bike better. Dragging that anchor around must have built some mussels though. Cod knows, it’ll need some fish oil on the chain.

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    1. You’re the only person to pick up on this tragic loss. Off to flip flips ‘R’ us later to see if I can get a matching flip. 🙂

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