What a load of barracks

1st Mates log, 29th July 2019

Fuel: 7/8ths of a tank

Fresh water: 1 tank is dry

Items lost to the wind & waves: 1 x pair of sunglasses, 1 dinghy seat, humour, pride, dignity

Weather: bright sunshine and yet, this infernal wind still blows

Supplies: Eggs, salad, soya mince, cheese, biscuits, crisps, wine, beer, rum & gin

It’s been blowin’ a hoolie for the last 2 days with gusts at over 54 knots (62mph) and a steady 28-32 knots. The boat is holding well, better than the crew! We have been confined to barracks since Saturday evening, with only the dream of a long forgotten pistachio ice cream to keep us going.

1st mate has been able to occupy her time by reading, ringing the tax lady, watching TV, sorting out winter quotes & sorting recipes for flour tortillas & Spanish Omelette.

The Captain, however, has a serious case of cabin fever. For anyone who has never met Trev, I describe him as my very own ’13/10 good boy’ … meaning he does need a good run out twice a day otherwise he can become fractious. With a workout completed, stainless steel polished, anchor set, reset, reset again & checked hourly there is little else to do.

The binoculars have come out and the 10th biggest Superyacht in the world has been spotted (see picture below with sailing yacht on the right for scale). It’s called SY A and was designed by Philippe Starck for a Russian philanthropist. It’s got 8 .. count them 8 decks, 3 in mast furling masts & an underwater viewing room in the keel

One Reply to “What a load of barracks”

  1. Wow if that’s the 10 th I would like to see the Ist biggest as for your water issues if it’s salty don’t touch it no matter what the captain says he has a fever 🤔👍


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