Weather, weather all together, what’s it gonna doooo?

Sing along now ….

We don’t know, so let’s ask

Weather Man Emu

Apologies if this triggers anyone’s childhood phobia of Rod Hull with his arm inserted in Emu!!

Weather is the one thing we constantly check, even if we are snug in our winter berth. We gave the weather apps a cursory glance yesterday, then after a small frown a more in depth review. There’s big winds forecasted for Monday evening & then it builds up to really big winds on Tuesday, for most of the day. Big winds for us mean anything blowing consistently over high 20’s and gusting at mid 30 & above. These are predicted at early 30 kts and gusting at mid forties.

So time to do some boat prep, additional mooring lines, taking down the headsail (possibly our best effort so far, with just the 2 divorces in the process!), removing any loose items on the deck, making sure we can get the Bimini, solar panels & sprayhood down quickly if we need to, getting a few extra provisions in … mainly so I don’t have to go outside in horrid weather.

Gianti can sit at anchor in storms & big winds quite happily & so far (touch’s wooden surfaces frantically) we’ve come through unscathed. Today’s weather was a bit blustery, wet & getting progressively worse as the day wore on. We ambled around this morning & early afternoon making dinner when the rain came in and the winds got up. It all went very quiet, then the wind tore through Licata & we were hit by the biggest gust we have ever experienced.

Panic stations as, bottles fly around & we look out to see a heavy solar panel ripped off the hard top of the catamaran opposite us. Our heavy duty gangplank was sucked up vertically before dropping into the water.

I have to point out, Trev, myself & the boat are absolutely fine.

It appears that there was a tornado that ran amok in Licata today & damage has been caused to several building very close to us, though all of the marina staff & guests are unhurt.

We’re currently drinking gin to help us through the, potentially, sleep free night & will let you all know how we get on tomorrow.

Love Trev & Sarah x

The sky immediately after, zero filter from the front of the boat

Damage to one of the buildings directly behind the marina

Roof damage to a local restaurant

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