Ten Benefits to Cruising on a Boat:

Never having to worry about flood warnings.

Being able to move on if the neighbours are noisy or bothersome.

Being able to move to where the sun is.

Maximum of 5 steps from any point inside to reach the loo. (9 if you’re vertically challenged)

Zero travel costs when sailing from place to place.

Making new friends with loads of great people from all over the globe.

Constantly seeing new places and learning new things.

The peace and tranquillity of an isolated anchorage.

Never having to drive on busy roads.


Ten Downsides to Cruising on a Boat:

Worrying that your home might sink at any point.

Relocating to where the new neighbours are total party animals with a fondness for loud death metal music.

Constantly having to monitor the weather to avoid storms, big winds and heavy seas.

Being so close to the loo that you pray the first mate doesn’t need to go after consuming a particularly spicy Balti just the night before!

Having to turn on the engine cos there’s no wind. Or too much wind. It’s normally one or the other.

Meeting loads of great people from across the globe then realising how terrible your language skills really are and how easily put to shame you are when they start speaking perfect English. Although the occasional correction when a word is pronounced as an American may pronounce it can help mitigate the shame.

Visiting so many historic sites that you’re all ruined out and dreaming of a nice 70’s concrete box.

The beautiful isolated anchorage that you didn’t get a wink of sleep in because you were constantly being thrown from side to side as the boat pitched heavily in a 2-metre swell.

Never being able to jump in a car and get a weeks’ worth of grocery shopping.

Being confined to a 37-foot boat that you can’t leave because of covid 19.

It begs the question is it all really worth it?

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