Captains Blog 31 – Should I Stay or Should I Go

It was the middle of May and we’d received word that we were no longer confined to the marina. Time to search for Martin the lonely flamingo.

We’d heard that the French escape committee were making a break for it. It didn’t succeed, the coastguard ordered them back! We were back to square one.   

One week later! “Right, it’s confirmed we can go out now.” “Yes, yes you can.”  Great, time to go. “Whoo, whoo whoo, now where do you think you are going?” “Out for a day sail and to search for Martin.” “No, you can’t leave yet.” More confusion and frustration.

“Okay, okay you can go out now.” “Really?” “Yes, really.” “Are you sure?” “Yes. I think so!”. “So, we won’t get stopped if we try to go out.” “No, no, well maybe, mmm not really sure.”

We decided to slip away quietly that Friday, without attracting unnecessary attention. If anyone asked, we were just looking for Martin.

“Bye, Bon Voyage” came the shouts from across the pontoon. “Have a safe trip.” “Fair winds.” Our stealth departure thwarted our only hope was to plough on and hope the authorities hadn’t been alerted.

We were aware of another desertion earlier that day by Champagne and her crew. The Captain was no shrinking violet who’d been a prolific commentator and contributor to the various sailing forums, so his absence was unlikely to go unnoticed. Attention would surely be focused in their direction and not ours.

All was going to plan. We’d made it to the end of the pontoon and nobody had tried to stop us. In fact, they all seemed to be encouraging us to leave and never come back!!

We reached the inner harbour wall and struggled to believe that we might really be able to move along the coast.

Once through the outer wall we started whooping and hollering as they do on American TV. Okay, that’s not strictly true it may have been more of a congratulatory pat on the back and a well done.  

It had been a long haul. Covid 19 had struck Italy hard and it had been the first European country to lock down. To be able to move again after such a long time was a huge treat and sailing along the south Sicilian coast, seeing no other pleasure vessels was both exhilarating and weird!

To all those we spent time with in Licata over this strange time we thank you all for your friendship, kindness and help. It was amazing to see how compliant and considerate everyone was in trying to help halt this virus. We wish you all health and happiness in whatever you do next.

Right then, we’ve escaped and we’re not the only ones. They’ll be a Licata breakaway gathering next time. (Sounds like something from Highlander)

Oh, and what of Martin? Well we had a quick look as we left the harbour. No sign of him whatsoever. We can only assume that he’s made friends with a large flock and departed in search of paradise. Either that or he’s dead in a puddle somewhere.

Ciao for now.

Captain Mac

One Reply to “Captains Blog 31 – Should I Stay or Should I Go”

  1. Gosh I thought with a little tear in my eye, Covid 19 has turned my brother into an old romantic, talking of Martin finding friends and going in search of paradise 🤗. But thought I should continue reading 🤔 before I got all excited. Boom! Then I read the following sentence, he hasn’t changed at all 😂. Enjoy your freedom ⛵☀️ x


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