Exploring Sicillia

We hightailed it out of Malta, laden with Robinson’s fruit juice, balti pastes and teabags. On our way out of Catania we picked up a car, so we could explore Sicily further.

We started off small, let’s get back to Licata , pausing only at a huge shopping centre for some essentials … and a TV🤦🏼‍♀️

Between navigating our way to the local Lidl’s for wine & chorizo, we managed to squeeze in a trip to the stunning Valley of the Temples in Agrigento. There were enough ruined, decrepit things lying around that the Captain felt quite spry by the end of it.

We had a few spur of the moment day trips around Licata. One resulted in a strand of colour changing LED lights, that we would install for ‘mood lighting’. It certainly created quite the atmosphere over the next few days whilst the Captain ‘wrestled with the intricacies of installation’ (his phrasing), ‘made a mess and shouted, before bunging everything in the bin’ (my phrasing).

We packed our bags & loaded them into the car, ready for it to be dropped back to Catania & have a few days exploring the city, before heading back to Blighty for our annual binge of family, friends and fish & chips.

What a place, it’s really cosmopolitan, with the best chandlers, opposite the port. We walked our legs off, explored once cliff top castles & decided to see what Etna was all about.

I’m not sure what I expected over 10,000 ft up to be like in February, but brutally windy, snowy & cold wasn’t it!! It was stunning and felt amazing to be up in the mountains again. The hot chocolate & kitkat at the cable car station made it all worth while.

Whilst putting together the video for this, we asked ourselves, ‘Are we really, really boring’ … rewatching the clips has give us the answer!! No need to reply 😀😀

After we’d relaxed at home and eaten our body weight in The Captains Mum’s baked goods, we headed back to Gianti to get her (and us) in shape for the season to come. That’s right, the Great Winter Workfest has begun!

Next time we leave Licata in search of Martin. Until then 😍🥰

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