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Captains Blog – star date 31-3-2018
Having had a quick look at the weather forecast and deciding we had enough milk for tea and coffee, I ordered asked the first mate to make ready Gianti for departure on the morning of the 29th March.
We left in cold but relatively calm conditions. Umm, it didn’t last. Past the needles things got a bit baity. First mate? Very happy with conditions, said it was what she joined up for, well that and to swoon over the hunk of a captain running the show.
Well, after some fun boat surfing we reached the sanctuary of Poole harbour. We were up for partying, but early passage the following day meant that we had to forgo a wild one for coco and an early night. Brace yourself for next time Poole!!
It rained pretty much all night and all the following day, but the Gianti crew were up for a second day of battling the elements, notwithstanding the additional costs likely to be incurred staying at Poole!
At around 1:30 on the 30th we arrived at Weymouth and I ordered the traffic stopped and the bridge lifted for our grand entrance. “Raise the bridge” I cried “and make hast”. Okay, I’ll admit that we had to pre-book the bridge lift for 2:00, but right on que, Weymouth stopped and we made our entrance, although I did nearly have a heart attack when the traffic was stopped and I was still drinking my coffee, oblivious to the fact.
Good first test for Gianti and true to form has shown up and issue or two. Never mind, onwards and upwards.
Captain Mac

Learning Points:

Passage plan proved invaluable when conditions deteriorated and we lost sight of land.
More attention should have been paid to the forecast on the first day. We didn’t make the same mistake the following one.

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  1. Ok cokey…. so it’s broadly accurate …. but there may have been more 🤢 and 🤮 from me than was originally intended! Trev did a marvellous job navigating & helming in those conditions. Sxx


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