Captains Blog 4

Ho Ho Ho, we’re at Plymouth, city famous for manufacturing of hoes. More about that later!

Disasters at sea, or narrowly avoided ones anyway, let’s start there. Near disaster 1: moored in lovely bay when knot came undone from buoy and boat heads rapidly towards rocky coast. Near disaster 2: rafted against boat with two directly in front of us with tide and wind pushing us forward when time to leave. Crucial point, ensure reverse gear is engaged cos you can rev all you like in neutral, it won’t take you backwards.  Near disaster 3: when entering the sea lock try and tie boat alongside before she starts to drift rapidly towards the near pristine 40-footer adjacent. Thankfully no boats were hurt and there was no bad language or Basil fawlty gesticulations at any stage!

Good to catch up with Tim in a bay near Brixham a couple of weeks back, seems like an eternity since I last saw him but he’s looking really well and it sounds as though it’s all going great, apart from Gemma having a “minor” disagreement with terra firma after jumping out of a plane. I’d heard Gemma was pretty good at this stuff but might be better to focus jumps over marshmallow factories in the future, saves any unpleasantness!

Talking of seeing mates, I couldn’t believe my luck when we turned up at Salcombe to be greeted by Lord Tarquin Atkins and one of the finest crews I’ve ever had the pleasure to meet. Top blokes, top night out and a fantastic sail back towards Dartmouth and Torquay the following day. It was so good in fact that the local Dolphins joined us. (see Sarah’s last video to see them).

Talking of wild life, just before we left Weymouth we walked to Osmington Mills and happened on a group stood there gawping at the floor. As we approached we discovered they’d found a grass snake which neither I or the first mate had seen before. So, they really do exist and they’re nothing like big worms!

Quick mention of the music festival in Dartmouth while we were there. There was some great music emanating from the side streets in particular and hats off to windslider who made a magical tribal sound using a sliding didgeridoo, a biscuit tin guitar and the best wooden box drum kit I’ve ever heard.

There has been the odd snag or two that’s come to light while we’ve sailed west, mainly in relation to power and poo. Power not enough and poo, well let’s just say there were some plumbing issues to address.

We decided to head into Plymouth for a few days to crack on with the jobs and what a revelation it’s been. We’ve ended up in Sutton Marina located right in the middle of the Barbican with all its bars and restaurants, little boutique shops and we’re within easy walking distance of the city centre and Plymouth Hoe. There’s a real buzz about the place and it’ll be a shame to head off tomorrow, but adventure awaits, particularly now that we can poo in peace.

Thank you and goodnight.

Captain Mac

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  1. Well done sir,good to hear you are still afloat! Keep it tight sir sales to the wind jib jib jab jabady jab !


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