Cornish pixies

When I last wrote we were in Plymouth finishing some jobs, getting crafty and making bed linen and being generally confined to barracks until we were jolly we’ll ship shape!

We sailed across to Fowey in lovely sunny conditions, attempting to pick up a mooring buoy unlike any other we’d come across previously. Cue .. thunder and the heavens opening .. the fancy buoy picky upon thing (named Roger from here on in) (actual name Moor Fast) didn’t work, the boat hook didn’t work … let’s lasso it I hear from an enthusiastic Captain from the safety of the bimini. OK I shout back … how does that work??

It’s not easy to stand on the front of a moving boat, in a storm, trying to lasso a moving buoy. It took some time and multiple attempts but we managed it. Feeling smug we went to dry off and have a drink, only to find a few hours later that we were in the middle of an almighty thunder and lightening storm, pretty impressive to watch in the dark from a boat. The next few days were glorious, so we explored Fowey to our hearts content, feasting on ice creams and pasties. We were meeting Christianne & Giles in Falmouth, so we pottered off to have proper showers and clean the boat.

They had the 2 worst days of weather we’ve seen, constant rain and fog on Wednesday and then more fog, with a brief interlude of sun, when we took anchor at St Mawes for lunch. We’ve decided to install full AIS (think Facebook stalking but for boats) on Gianti, so that we have that and radar for foggy weather and night trips. And will be staying in Cornwall for the next week or so whilst we get this organised and do some day trip sailing.

We sailed the 16 nm to Helford and took an anchor overnight, waking to NNE winds and big swell. Sailing back to the Fal is the only time I’ve been anxious on the boat, as we were really heeled over and the wind was gusting 26knots, I did suggest reefing the sails at this point .. there may have also been a complete girl scream!😅

So, we’re getting further up the river Fal for the next week or so, seeing if we can get to Truro and perhaps anchor and the brilliantly named Maggoty Bank.

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