Unleashed, unsupervised & unwise?

We’ve had a lovely, lovely week in Rio Guadiana catching up with some friends from Lagos & meeting new ones. In fact we were fully supervised by sailing grown ups.

Both the Portuguese & Spanish villages were really pretty & there’s great walking around there with trails linking to the Camino Santiago Compostela.

The 2 times we’ve been away from the adults we’ve had minor disasters … the first was going off piste for a wander & Trevor grazed his head (it bled loads & looked worse than it was). He’s fine now, with no discernible affect on his cognitive skills .

The second was sailing out from Ayamonte to Mazagon. We’d been happily pottering along when I heard cursing & language like never before from the Captain (he’s clearly been socialist with the wrong type of Yachties 😂). We were trailing about 50 meters of rope behind us. In came the headsail & we drifted for a while to see whether this would dislodge it … but no ‘Ol Ropey wanted to come along for the trip. We popped Hannibal (the dingy) back into the water & stuck the GoPro under the stern to see if it was around the propellor … it was but loosely.

Trevor got his full McGyver ( or A Team for the more mature of us) skills on show & worked it from each side of the boat to release it. Meantime I’m on the front muttering oaths at the Spanish fishing boats hurtling around us.

We now belive that we need some form of sailing adults around us at all times .. Spit Wits, Whimsy ??? Please don’t leave us alone, we’re not ready 😀😀

Trevor with the offending bucket of rope

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