Colonial St Jordi Sunset

After a peaceful day swimming in super clear waters & exoring the fab town, we’ve settled down for wine, picky tea & a sunset.

If anyone wants a holiday recommendation, look no further. It’s got quirky restaurants, beaches and coves of all kinds, snorkeling, paddle boarding and all manner of activities.

4 Replies to “Colonial St Jordi Sunset”

  1. Hi guys, are you anchored? What’s the holding like? We’re in Santa Ponsa and moving on on Monday.
    David and Caroline (Éternité (La Rochelle))

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    1. Hi guys, hope you’re both well. We had to watch our depth as we have 2m & the further out you go the more rocks there are. There are a few bays & we are 2nd from the town … the water is stunning. There is another bay further to the right on the other side of the island which looks deeper & the holding might be better.


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