Captains Blog 30 The Great Winter Workfest

Well nearly time to emerge from our winter hibernation spot. In truth we’d have left by now, had the sequel to Covid 18 “This Time it’s Serious” not been released and brought everything to a halt.

Not to worry, there are always jobs to do or improvements to crack on with. Yeah!

So, what have we been doing since arriving last October? Cleaning! Lots of cleaning. Endless cleaning. And some polishing. And waxing. Oh, and some stripping.

Yep 17 years’ worth of antifouling paint stripped off the hull and new primer and hard racing antifoul applied. It was a hard, filthy, time consuming job, requiring commitment, focus and dedication together with the physical stamina of an Ox. I thought, sod that! and subbed it to Elia and Daniele from Boat Service Licata instead. I headed over to the boat yard most days giving encouragement and support. It really must have helped lift their spirits knowing that I’d appear, monitoring progress each day.

First Mate’s been gainfully employed making stuff, when she’s not yogaing and cavorting with her mates that is!

All winches now have perfect bespoke covers to help keep them clean and serviceable.

Too many charging cables cluttering the saloon? No longer a problem with the first mates’ purpose made cable tidy. Tis a thing of beauty. She’s been on a total sewing rollercoaster, making bags and covers, improving canopies and repairing boat canvas.

So, what else has been done? Well things have been cleaned. Then there’s a new fresh water pump, a reconditioned raw water pump, a new impeller, a new steaming/deck light, a new (driftwood) dinghy seat, a new GPS Antenna (last one was smashed in the big Licata storm). This is like trying to list the items on the conveyer belt at the end of the Generation Game!

The fridge has been re-gassed, all winches serviced, windlass serviced and new drive key fitted, radar repaired, a new wind instrument installed, Y valve stripped and cleaned, exhaust elbow cleaned, fuel pre-filter cleaned. I told you there was a lot of cleaning.

I’d like to be cleaning, polishing or waxing right now, but it’s raining outside so I’m stuck inside writing this nonsense. Still there’ll be something in here needs cleaning. Again!

Captain Mac

Master and Commander of the good ship Gianti

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