Name that tune .. Rome, if you want toooo

Way back in the mists of time when we were practically encouraged to walk the streets with other humans, Trev & I took a trip to Rome. Italy is having a tough time of it at the moment (as is the rest of the world). We wanted to remember how beautiful it looks and how much of its industry is derived from tourism, so when the world opens up again, it might be a place you put on your tick list.

If history is your thing then you can get your fill of it in Rome. From playing Gladiators in the Coliseum, to seeing the birthplace of modern day Rome as we know it, there is another wonder every time you walk around a corner. Apart from the well documented tourist spots (Spanish Steps, The Pantheon, Piazza Nuevo) there are a glut of amazing ornate churches that take your breathe away as you look up. They also act as a moment of calm as you escape the, almost, constant stream of people walking around.

An unexpected treasure was the monument to the Unknown Soldier. There was a fascinating exhibition on in the basement area, showing the political leaders of Italy through history.

After a walk to Vatican City we made our way to the museum to see the Sistine Chapel, well worth reading up on so you can translate the story & try to spot the 2 self portraits in it. You need a full day to really get the experience of the museums. There are so many artefacts, from 3500 year Egyptian tablets & tomb treasures to a room of Raphael paintings, real life Salvador Dali paintings, corridors of 14th floor to ceiling maps (which we had great fun trying to pick out the places we’d been to). The video shows the tiniest fraction of what is available.

The food in Italy is proudly Italian, showcasing its regional produce to its very best. If you want something spicy, or more cosmopolitan it can be tricky to get hold of. We were so, so pleased to find Thai, Chinese, Sushi, Indian, burgers, Turkish, Lebanese all available a really short walk from our hotel. It’s odd that when you travel, you obsess about the things you can get easily at home. Food is something I think about almost constantly anyway, so having this range of flavours and smells surrounding me after what felt like months, was a proper treat.

To see the video click the link below

Next time we meet friends in 🇲🇹 Malta. Until then Ciao,

2 Replies to “Name that tune .. Rome, if you want toooo”

  1. Hi Sarah and Trevor
    We loved the video of Rome, it was fun to watch it and see some of the sights that we saw when we were in Rome in 2017. We had a great time then with all the sights, sounds and food, but feel quite sad what is happening in Italy at this time. We must admit Florence is our favourite and we have been there three times. It is sort of a miniature Rome. Take care of yourself and keep the blogs coming as Dale and I love to read them.
    Look after your health
    Frank and Dale

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    1. Hi Frank n Dale! We’ve yet to go to Florence, along with some other parts of `Italy that are on our to-do list. It’s not great for Italy & Europe as a whole at the moment. We find out on 3rd April how long the isolation measures will be extended to. Our contract here is until April 30th, so we will need to understand what the situation is around Italy, Spain & Greece, before we can make any firm plans.
      Keep yourselves well,

      Sarah & Trev


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