Martin the Lonely Flamingo

This is Martin the Lonely Flamingo. He lives in a small shallow part of the harbour and spends his days with his head down looking somewhat glum.

Martin is a loner. He used to be part of a huge family but they flocked off and abandoned him. Since then he’s been very unhappy.

He’s cleverly located himself adjacent to the fish farm pens, where the egrits hang out. They don’t like Martin, believing him to be a socially awkward weirdo and will go out of their way to keep him at bay.

Martin can’t understand why they won’t make friends. He has the same coloured feathers as them and though bigger doesn’t appear to be too different. They disagree!

Never mind, each day Martin cheers himself up watching the hundreds of strange people filing by along the harbour wall. Their colourful dress, chatter and arm waving intrigues him and though he can’t communicate the sight of them really raises his spirits, providing some sense of belonging.

But nobody goes by anymore, Covid19 put a stop to that. Martin, now really is the loneliest Flamingo in the world.

Good luck Martin

9 Replies to “Martin the Lonely Flamingo”

  1. I’m not sure I like this story about Martin! Poor old Martin, I think you should make friends with him. We need a feel good story currently, not a feel glum story 😳x


    1. I would do, but I, along with the rest of Italy are confined to quarters. Martin will just have to go it alone. Ciao x


  2. Well then perhaps one of the friendly police officers could befriend Martin? Second thoughts I have seen them kick peoples legs from under them to get them off the streets when they shouldn’t be there! That would be no good, poor old Martin 🐧…. (no pictures of flamingos!!) Another reason for Martin to be sad 🤔 x


  3. What a cute story to cheer us up at this sad time – we are back in Canada for the past couple days doing our 14 day self isolation – no boat launching in April as they are not an essential service so we will have to figure out where we will live for now – thx for sharing – stay healthy friends


    1. Hi both, it’s great to hear that you’re well but not so good about the boat launch, let’s hope for a speedy resolution. We’ve been in isolation for 2 weeks today with at least another week to go! It’s very odd but hopefully worth it in the end🤞. Take care and look after yourselves. ⛵👍


  4. I find Martin’s behaviour both responsible and refreshing. Martin obviously understands the importance of social distancing. I wish the inconsiderate cretins in UK would be like Martin! Stay safe 😉


    1. Worth noting that Martin’s isolation is aided somewhat by his halitosis, flatulence and poor personal hygiene!


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