What a load of barracks

1st Mates log, 29th July 2019 Fuel: 7/8ths of a tank Fresh water: 1 tank is dry Items lost to the wind & waves: 1 x pair of sunglasses, 1 dinghy seat, humour, pride, dignity Weather: bright sunshine and yet, this infernal wind still blows Supplies: Eggs, salad, soya mince, cheese, biscuits, crisps, wine, beer, …

Open Air Laundrette

We're finishing up some last minute preparations for the sail across to Sardinia, after being at anchor for the last 5 nights. With a load of laundry completed, the dinghy packed away, food shop done. We moved to the hellishly expensive Menorca Marina floating pontoon (€55 a night & no toilet!). I took the opportunity …

Colonial St Jordi Sunset

After a peaceful day swimming in super clear waters & exoring the fab town, we've settled down for wine, picky tea & a sunset. If anyone wants a holiday recommendation, look no further. It's got quirky restaurants, beaches and coves of all kinds, snorkeling, paddle boarding and all manner of activities.

Bank Holiday Blues

What we do when we're hot and bothered at sea ... with zero wind to cool us down Happy Bank Holiday everyone 😜😂😀

We named it Binky

Well, what an exciting day. We've managed to put to bed the Atlantic & are now just about in the Mediterranean. We had a few visitors on our way in through the Gibraltar Straits .. no dolphins I'm sorry to say. The video below shows one of them, but we need some help in identifying …

Sailing Éalú

There is nothing – absolutely nothing – half so much worth doing as simply messing about in boats.

Skipper Jenn

POOP DECK: Because we give a SHIT

S/Y Maggie

Living the dream onboard our Beneteau 473 with our sailor dog